• Protective tools for
    use as part of your Duty of Care Plan in the fight against Covid-19

    Our company offers a wide range of solutions designed exclusively to promote safety in all public and private companies. They can also be positioned in Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Accommodation facilities, Public areas such as airports, train and bus stations, Schools and creches that register a significant influx of people every day.

    "Thermal screening, typically including a combination of fever screening with the self-reporting of exposure risk and or symptoms, has been used in infectious disease outbreaks with the aim of improving detection and reducing the time to isolation for infected individuals". HIQA

    Thermal screening is an effective tool to be used a part of a duty of care plan to identify any individual(s) presenting themselves for work, or to your place of business or institution with a fever or raised body temperature. While All temperatures thankfully are not related to Covid-19, It will still help to prevent the carriers of other Cold and Flu like bugs and viruses from bringing them into an environment where they can be transferred. Disrupting work and affecting those around them. The other aspect to these units is the highly visual digital signage reminding people as they enter to sanitise their hands using the on board Sanitising Gel Dispenser. Scroll down for more...



    Thermoscanner and Hand Sanitising Gel Dispenser Combo Units

    Stem contagions and the spread of diseases

    The Totem Thermal scanner Touch Screen can simultaneously achieve facial recognition and temperature detection to identify people who have a high temperature or a feverish state. Remember not all temperatures are Covid-19 related. Most thankfully will just be a cold or the onset of a winter flu. But a Thermal Scanner will in around 75% of cases provide an early warning system as part of your Covid-19 duty of care strategies. A thermal scanner puts another vital layer of protection in the fight to reduce the spread of all contagions including the deadly Covid-19 pandemic.

    It has an accurate recognition rate and a large storage capacity that uses non-contact temperature sensing technology. In fact, the digital detection module supports the rapid detection of body temperature, which then can be used to prevent the access of people with a high fever or altered body temperature, This is a vital tool in the fight to stem contagions and the spread of diseases including the Coronavirus COVID-19.

  • This will be a very important tool that automatically detects, in an instant, one of the major symptoms of the Coronavirus, high body temperature, which, not surprisingly, most companies and institutions are planning on equipping themselves with.

    The thermal scanner can be positioned at the entrance of the structures both on the wall and with a floor stand. It is equipped with a touch monitor in which the same person being tested can see its temperature which, if it is detected to be higher than the set limit, will trigger a photo scanner and the consequent alarm.



    Non-contact body temperature scan from + 28 ° to 43 °
    with accuracy of + - 0.1 ° C.


    Integrated automatic dispenser for the use of sanitizing gel
    with 1 Lt tank


    21.5 ”capacitive touch screen monitor for displaying the“ STOP WAIT HERE ”screen. Customizable screens.


    Software for remote management of the contents can be
    uploaded, Inc pictures and videos

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    "CASHEL" Free standing Video Messaging or Advertising with Inbuilt Sanitising GEL Dispenser
    "CASHEL" Free standing Video Messaging or Advertising with Inbuilt Sanitising GEL Dispenser
    - Video Messaging or Advertising -
    - Remotely controllable and programable Android operating system
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    "CLADDAGH" Freestanding Totem Style Thermal Scanner With Inbuilt Sanitising GEL Dispenser
    "CLADDAGH" Freestanding Totem Style Thermal Scanner With Inbuilt Sanitising GEL Dispenser
    Smart Face recognition for individual temperature measurement
    - Non-contact temperature detection within 50cm
    - Remotely controllable Android operating system
    - 21.5 "display with abnormal temperature notification.
    - Robust Metal model with floor stand
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